Our classics jump onto the international television scene

The two stages of Navarra Women’s Elite Classics 2021 will be broadcast on the Eurosport and Discovery Channel online platforms for the whole world, with commentators in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Japanese.

Likewise, EITB will broadcast it through Streaming , commented in Basque; and Navarra Televisión will broadcast the signal for the Autonomous Community.

The last 60 kilometers of the first stage will be broadcast live -from the port of Guembe-; and the last 70 in the second stage -from the Tiebas wall-. Both are important points for the outcome of the race and where the selection is expected from where the winners will come out.

Finally, on Saturday, May 15, a summary in images will be sent to the main national and international media and the Italian television RAI will broadcast it, live, within its coverage of the Giro d’Italia.

We have extensive technical means , made up of 3 cameras on a motorcycle and 3 cameras on the finish line, as well as resources with drones.